We work in all stages of production, from initial programme planning and architectural sketches to interior design and final inspection.


Located in Norrbotten, Northern Sweden, a och d Arkitektkontor is strategically positioned at the heart of the world's green societal transformation. We have two offices, one in Lulea and the other in Boden, and possess the expertise, resources, and network to help bring your vision to life.

Our company, established in 2007, is a multifaceted organization comprising approximately forty architects, designers, and engineers. We take pride in maintaining short communication channels and fostering strong collaboration among our various areas of expertise.

We aim to create strong networks of competence and expertise within all disciplines, enabling us to undertake large and intricate projects. Our main headquarters is situated in Luleå, and we also maintain a branch office in Boden.

We offer comprehensive guidance and support throughout the entire construction process, starting from initial architectural sketches to construction planning, project management, construction execution, and interior design.

We help with, among other things:
• Complex programme analysis and evaluation
• Master planning/vision development
• Architectural sketches and assessments
• Building permit documentation
• Structural engineering
• Tender documents for various standard contract types
• Partnering projects, construction documentation
• Fixed and loose furnishings
• Interior design
• Project management/construction management
• Cost estimation
• Inspection management (Kontrollansvarig PBL)
• Building inspection
• Remodeling of private residences, holiday homes and summer houses


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Anders Burman Project Manager - COO
Anders Burman
Project Manager - COO
+4670 - 568 64 54
Anders Grenholm Project Manager
Anders Grenholm
Project Manager
+4670 - 384 00 64
Camilla Sandström Project Manager, Office Manager Boden
Camilla Sandström
Project Manager, Office Manager Boden
+4670 - 684 46 76
Joakim Persson Project Manager - CEO
Joakim Persson
Project Manager - CEO
+4670 - 375 01 42
Niklas Granljung Head of Architecture
Niklas Granljung
Head of Architecture
+4670 - 255 96 82
Robert Fredriksson Construction Manager
Robert Fredriksson
Construction Manager
+4670 - 529 39 60

a and d is an architectural office that distinguishes itself through creative architecture that works  - both in the construction process and in its finished form and function.

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